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Why Growing Digital Lenders Use Credfin

Sign up and play instantly:

Sign up and start using our cloud based platform instantly. Our API or iframe integration makes it quick and simple to start using our solutions and services straight away.

We are built for scale:

Reliability is essential to us and our partners. Our platform handles millions of API calls each month with 99.99%+ uptime.

Everyone wins:

Our solutions enable you to give your customers better products and experiences which in turn make you more competitive.

One simple yet powerful API:

Achieve your goals using our solutions by using a single API that covers bank data, digital identification and payments.

Security you can bank on:

Our infrastructure is hosted and managed in ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2 and PCI Level 1 compliant infrastructure. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Simple to change providers

Onboarding from another provider is seamless. Our guides and engineers have helped clients from almost every other provider in Australia.

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Bank Data Products


Income and expense checks

We help digital lenders and fintechs meet their Responsible Lending Obligations by instantly verifying income and expense information using real time transaction data. Learn more.



Access up to date transaction data from bank accounts that is standardised and categorised allowing you to make faster and smarter decisions. Learn more.


Account owner checks

Boost efficiency, streamline onboarding and reduce fraud risk by confirming account ownership with real-time data straight from a user’s bank account. Learn more.


Payment Products

Bank to Bank

Initiate bank-to-bank payments and enable users to send money effortlessly without having to enter card details or share their bank account details.

Smart Direct Debit

Automatically collect money from users’ bank accounts. Set your own timing, amount and frequency and pre check bank balances before presenting a payment.

Smart Card

Process immediate card payments. Set your own timing, amount and if need be a frequency and pre check bank balances before taking a payment.


Identification Products

KYC & AML Checks

Our KYC and AML identification product allows for frictionless customer onboarding by allowing you to electronically identify and verify a user’s identity in seconds.

ID Scan & Biometrics Checks

Capture and biometrically match images of your users ID document and their face to ensure a greater level of confidence in their identity.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Credfin provides coverage for 98% of the bank accounts the average lender will encounter, with more bank institutions being continuously added. If you require a bank institution which is not currently supported, you can contact us to request the institution be added.

We are active in Australia and looking at new markets currently.

Simply click “Get Started” on the website. Set up your account in minutes and have fully functional access that is ready to use in our sandbox environment.

Yes, although our coverage isn’t as wide as for retail accounts. If you require a specific institution to be supported, feel free to reach out and we can get it organised for you.

Yes, we do! We support most kinds of MFAs currently implemented on bank accounts. SMS Codes, Captchas, Tokens, Date of Birth, etc are all supported. 

Yes we do. Refreshes and custom metrics and templates.

Yes you can. We encourage any business or developer to use our simple and powerful tool to test out our capabilities without the need to sign up for an account. Simply click “Get Started” to go directly into our test environment.

The Credfin API can be consumed from any platform that can integrate with a RESTFull service.

We have both Quick Start Guides and technical API docs.

This depends on your needs. You can perform a quick integration using the tooling we already provide such as our customisable iFrame and our dashboard to view applications. We’ve already taken care of all the complicated user journeys and support most platforms. For a deeper integration and a more bespoke customer journey, you can use our API which allows much more granular control over events.

We have a demo which gives you practically instant access to both the iFrame and the webhooks that get sent to your backend. Once you’ve used the demo, you will also be emailed full access to our ecosystem with the only limitation being that you are restricted to Bank of Credfin; our very own testing bank set up to simulate all kinds of successes and failures.

Metrics and analysis payloads are provided in JSON for machine readable purposes. We also provide PDF and HTML templates used by humans to review the data.

Our systems leverage managed cloud infrastructure and are carefully architected with scalability and redundancy in mind with a 99.99% uptime.

Yes. All of our payment products are able to facilitate payments between client and lender, whether direct debit or bank to bank. Credfin’s API also allows you to pre-check a bank balance before deducting repayments. 

Yes! Credfin’s API will enable EFT payments to be made between financial institutions which usually take 1-2 business days to process. 

We are currently working on integrating our payments systems to be able to support this feature but right now it’s 1-2 days.

Per user, per month. With prices starting from as little as $0.50 per user. No setup or hidden fees. Just secure, fast access to financial data.

Although we don’t have a trial period, we do give you access to our full service with the demo and our test bank called Bank of Credfin, which allows you to try our service in a dedicated sandbox environment. If you are a startup, please contact us for a deal. We support startups in Australia.

Credfin’s Transaction and Balances provides detailed transactional data with accurate transaction ordering, along with the option of enhanced transactional data with identified merchant information, identified merchant direct debit dishonour transactions, and insertion of missing financial institution transaction data for accurate financial insights. Credfin’s Balances provides a customer’s current balance and available balance which accounts for completed and pending transactions.

Yes. Our simple yet powerful API is able to categorise the transaction data into categories and generate metrics. This helps the lender assess the risk and spendings of the client

Yes! Credfin’s Analytics and Insights provides information with a high degree of accuracy to verify the salary and income of a client using data analysis, along with the associated frequency, and next expected repayment date.

Credfin can provide 12 months of client transactional data.

The Credfin API provides eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) & AML/CTF checks, as well as ID scan and some biometric checks where available.

Yes! You can download customer’s transactions, estatements and interim statements with our API or iFrame. 

Yes you can. Credfin’s Identity product allows for frictionless customer onboarding by allowing you to electronically identify and verify a customer’s identity in seconds (CIV – customer identification and verification).

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