Jemima Moore

February 23, 2022

All About Our iFrame

Implementing Credfin’s services couldn’t be easier. Our tried and tested iFrame is suitable for all businesses, great and small. Our iframe is a secure method of embedding our frontend implementation into your own site or customer journey. It is simply an isolated container on a web page that is managed completely independently by us.

Benefits of our iFrame

As Credfin handles the backend and frontend of this application solution, the iFrame is the simplest way of plugging into Credfin’s services. The iFrame can be set up in a matter of minutes as there is no need to have developers for implementation unless you want to implement it into your existing customer journey. This solution has a seamless design for a beautiful user experience which has been thoroughly tested in the majority of use cases. Our iFrame supports all popular platforms and devices.

In terms of customer experience, our iFrame thoroughly guides a user through the whole bank statement retrieval process in a way that is easy to understand with clear transparent messaging. Our iFrame is also able to produce a short link which is useful if you want to send a customer a quick link via text or email. This can happen after the initial application and is used when more information regarding their application is required. For example if they have elected Bank A as their bank, but we find they also have accounts in Bank B, we are able to send them a short link to connect their Bank B accounts. 

We’ve implemented all the best practises into our implementation such as “clickjacking” protection. Credfin will take care of the unlikely event of any strange user behaviours and actions, and ensures the customer’s credentials are handled securely.

What’s behind our iFrame?

Credfin’s iFrame is most lenders’ preferred embedded solution and implements our unified API using the best most efficient practices. We have tried and tested the iFrame against edge cases of many degrees so you don’t have to. In saying that, API integration is also available. 

API Integration

Our API solution is preferred by companies with a need for a customised user journey where the company can control all aspects of the frontends implementation. 

We have thoroughly tested our API and created user friendly documentation that gives developers detailed guidance on implementation. Through a seamless integration of our API into a company’s ecosystem, the company can control the design and implementation, making way for powerful processing and customisation. This means the company has complete control of the UX design. Although a complete customisation is possible through our API solution only, styling the application process can also be achieved through our iFrame. A company can change the colours and font to match their brand guidelines, making the customer journey seamless and consistent. 

Interested in implementing our iFrame? Sign up your business now! 

Credfin’s iFrame allows our partners to focus on their services, rather than what’s going on in the background. Companies using this application solution can sleep soundly knowing the technology is in Credfin’s secure hands.  


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