Bank to Bank Payments (coming soon)

Initiate bank-to-bank payments and enable users to send money effortlessly without having to enter card details or share their bank account details.

Reduce Costs

Using Credfin bank-to-bank rails allows you to accept payments at a lower cost of ~80% against cards and ~50% against direct debits and alternative payment methods.

Eliminate Chargebacks & Fraud

Considerably reduce chargebacks/fraud by authenticating accounts and payments directly with the bank which ultimately could see you saving lost revenue to chargebacks/fraud.

Optimise Conversions

Our flows are constantly being optimised to increase your payment conversions and help with auto reconciliation. Keep the user in your journey and let them pay in a few clicks or consent to regular ongoing payments.


I’m thrilled about the deal with Credfin and Squarepay and what it means for Credfin as we look to expand our network across Australia.

We can offer even more to our customers, by using accurate and consent driven data and payment solutions. I’m looking forward to what the future brings with Credfin.

Brent Wardlaw
CEO Square


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