Income & Expenses Checks

We help digital lenders and fintechs meet their Responsible Lending Obligations by instantly verifying income and expense information using real time transaction data.

Streamline applications

Increase your conversion rate when onboarding customers by collecting income and expense data in real time. We cover 170+ banks and financial institutions.

Market leading income & expense detection

Our categorisation engine is optimised for digital lenders and fintechs. Make faster and more informed decisions using optimised income and expense data.

Multiple bank accounts, one report

Get a more accurate picture of a user’s true financial position by combining multiple bank accounts with one bank or different banks combined in one report.


Our promise to our customers is that we get back to them fast.

Credfin has allowed us to make our online application and underwriting process faster by enhancing our automation so we can deliver on that promise.”

Daniel Wessels
CEO Jacaranda Finance

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