Jemima Moore

January 28, 2022

Winner of FDATA 4th Annual Global Open Finance Awards – Credfin

Credfin is pleased to be the winner of the “Best use of Open Banking in Consumer Credit/Lending offerings” award. We are thrilled to have won this prestigious award and in the company of world leaders and Fintech innovators.
FDATA Global is a not-for-profit organisation representing Fintechs from all around the world, with over 100 members globally and 24 members in Australia. FDATA specialises in Open Finance and Open Banking with a purpose to implement a fair and ethical competitive landscape to promote innovation between members, providing better experiences for consumers. FDATA works closely with governments and policy makers, providing members with the most up-to-date information around the Open Banking climate. Credfin would like to extend a big thank you to FDATA Global and the judges on the panel. We had some formidable competition and we are thrilled to win this prestigious award and stand next to some of the greats in Fintech. You can check out the other winners here.

We plan to continue to improve our use of Open Banking and CDR in Australia and offer its benefits to consumers. We have focused on a seamless user experience and real-time lending, using insights and metrics that have been developed in house.

A wonderful finish to the year and the perfect launchpad for big things to come in 2022.
And lastly, thank you to the whole Credfin Team. It was a fantastic effort this year by everyone, who put in the time and effort to get us where we are today, and we look forward to seeing where this journey takes us.

Check out the other winners here


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